A selection of Classic cakes in a variety of sizes are available to Grab & Go everyday at The Shoppe.
Order ahead for Custom Flavors & Designs or to ensure we have the size you want in stock:  203-924-2615.

Cake Flavors

Shoppe Classic

Our premium, homemade
vanilla & chocolate 

ice cream
layered with chocolate cookie crunch.

Fudge Crunch

The Shoppe Classic Cake

covered with rich milk chocolate fudge

and extra chocolate cookie crunch.

Cake Designs


We'll take any image & draw it on a cake to match your party theme!

Non-Edible Photo Toppers

We'll reprint your favorite photo & top the cake with it for decoration.  Just peel off before serving!

Shape Cakes

We'll take any image & shape the cake to match your party theme!

Recipe Ideas

Cookies n' Cream

Strawberry Shortcake

Cookie Dough